20 Desserts to Make if You Love the Great British Baking Show

Are you a Great British Baking Show (or Bake Off) super fan? Bring the lovely vibes of the Berkshire, UK countryside and the famed white tent into your own kitchen with a collection of inspiring British bakes!

These recipes take us through cake week, biscuit week, chocolate week, pudding week, pastry week and patisserie week for a beautiful collection of show stopping desserts. As Mary Berry would put it, these are simply scrumptious and not a soggy bottom in sight!

A collection of british bakes and recipes to inspire your inner Mary Berry. Cakes, pies, tarts, cookies and pastries with fresh and interesting takes.

Cake Week

The Simple Sweet Life

Strawberry Champagne Charlotte

This cake has the bright, fresh flavors you’ll want this summer: a fluffy sponge cake base with a layer of strawberry champagne mousse. It is gorgeously wrapped in dipped lady fingers and topped with fresh strawberries.

The PKP Way

Orange Cranberry Cake

This show-stopping citrusy cake is infused with orange flavor and cranberries, then layered with orange frosting and topped with sugared cranberries. What a festive holiday cake!

Grumpy’s Honey Bunch

Salted Caramel Apple Cake

This sticky, scrumptious cake has apples baked right in. Then it is topped with caramel sauce and walnuts, and finished with fleur de sel.

The Itsty Bitsy Kitchen

Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Layer Cake

It’s a cheesecake in a layer cake! Check out those light, fruity layers of lemon cake and blueberry cheesecake, that’s topped with cream cheese frosting. A luscious and sweet summer cake!

Delicious on a Dime

Easy Strawberry Cake Roll

This rolled cake is stuffed with whipped cream and fresh strawberries to give you the delicate flavors of a strawberry shortcake. Just slice and serve!

Biscuit Week

Marcellina in Cucina

Lemon Macarons

The macaron is a tricky biscuit, but Marcellina says they’re easier to make than you might think! Check out these lemon macarons – they have a lemon shell and a lemon white chocolate ganache filling.

Away From the Box

Pumpkin Spice Palmiers

These crispy, flaky biscuits are made from puff pastry. With layers of cinnamon, sugar and pumpkin spice, each bite is sugary, but not too sweet, and buttery.

Binky’s Culinary Carnival

Ischler Tortellettes

The Ischler is vintage Austrian treat- it’s an almond shortbread biscuit with an apricot filling, topped with melted chocolate and almonds. A holiday classic!

Chocolate Week

Fab Food 4 All

Chocolate Melting Moments

Super chocolatey with cocoa and chocolate chips, these biscuits are finished with a roll in the oats. These chocolate biscuits melt in your mouth – it’s right in the name!

Away From the Box

Turtle Cheesecake Brownies

Luscious, dense, chocolaty and positively dripping with sweetness! These chocolate brownies have a cheesecake layer, then they’re topped with caramel sauce, pecans (or walnuts) and mini chocolate chips.

Pudding Week

Kitchen Gidget

Lemon Blueberry Trifle

This bright and zesty trifle has layers of angel food cake, lemon pudding, and blueberries. Impressive and easy!

Carve Your Craving

Eggless Chocolate Pudding Puff Pastry Bites

Is it a pudding or a pastry? It’s a pudding IN a pastry! These puff pastry cups are filled with chocolate pudding and topped with whipped cream, strawberries, and a chocolate drizzle.

I Heart Naptime

Brownie Strawberry Trifle

Layers upon layers of brownies, strawberries, chocolate pudding and cream. With a classic combination of flavors, this one is a total crowd pleaser.

Pastry Week

Botanical Kitchen

Blackberry Meringue Pie

These mini pies are a delicious way to savor the flavor of summer after a day of blackberry picking! They’re filled with blackberry curd and topped with meringue.

The Simple Sweet Life

Mimosa Tart

This tart has a graham cracker base, an orange and champagne mousse filling, and it’s topped with gorgeous candied oranges. A citrusy delight!

House of Nash Eats

French Fruit Tart

This colorful tart has a pastry crust, rich pastry cream filling and lots of vibrant, glazed fruit. A gorgeous spring and summer dessert to brighten your kitchen!

Karen’s Kitchen Stories

Apple Tartlets with Almond Crunch

The title says it all! These sweet apple tartlets make an elegant fall dessert – especially with that almond crunch topping!

A Farmgirl’s Kitchen

Old Fashioned Cream Puffs

This classic recipe is for a delicate french pastry – it’s filled with pastry cream and topped with chocolate ganache, maraschino cherries and powdered sugar.

Burrata and Bubbles

Mixed Berry Pie

This pie has a graham cracker crust, a custard base, and a mixed berry compote for topping. The dollop of whipped cream and sprig of fresh mint really ties it all together. Perfect for an afternoon of beautiful british bakes!

Caroline’s Cooking

Peach and Pistachio Tart

Check out this peach and pistachio tart – it’s a perfect dessert for those hot summer days spent in the British Bake Off tent. It starts with a pastry base, then soft, sweet peaches and a pistachio frangipane.

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