Chili Oil

Today kicks off a new series I am doing that takes us back to the basics. Because at Away From the Box, we literally stray from the box. I aim to make everything homemade. (Everything? Ev-vuh-ray-thang) I’m talking about the stuff you grab nonchalantly off the grocery shelves without even thinking about. Possibly even the stuff you shell out some moderate cash for and didn’t even realize you could save money on. Now obviously we don’t all have infinite amounts of time to make everything by hand, but if you try it, even just once, you’ll find that going back to the store-bought stuff is hard. Not to mention, I like to know what is going in my body. No crazy unpronounceable ingredients and you don’t have to wonder what exactly “natural flavoring” consists of.

Stop buying store bought chili oil! Try this easy DIY version for a better, full bodied (and CHEAPER) oil!

So chili oil, today’s recipe, is actually very simple and super easy to prepare. It is used in a lot of Asian cooking but can have several other applications. Anything savory or sweet, tart or tangy can benefit from chili oil. Try it on your avocado toast, drizzled on pizza, in a homemade pesto or even add it to a chocolate dessert. You can try it with practically anything (to some degree) and it lends a surprising level of depth to the dish.

For the more adventurous among us, use this recipe as the base to build upon. Add some dried fruit, which is best used in desserts (namely, chocolate) or another herb you love and see what happens! Take a step away from the box (ahem) and broaden your tastes. Of course, only do this is you enjoy things a little spicy.
Here are some recipes with awesome uses of chili oil, and perhaps I’ll share some of my own later if you all like it!

Easy Oregano and Chili Baked Chicken, with Chili Oil and a Mint Yogurt Dip – A Cupcake For Love

Easy Vegan Pumpkin and Chili infused Oil Pretzels – Imagelicious

Asian Cucumber Salad – Rasamalaysia

Until next time. X

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Items used in this recipe:

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Stop buying store bought chili oil! Try this easy DIY version for a better, full bodied (and CHEAPER) oil!

Chili Oil


  • 1 c. olive oil
  • 6 whole chilis, dried or fresh


  1. Heat the oil and chilis in a small saucepan over medium-low heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. Turn off the heat and let the oil come to room temperature, at least 2 hours.
  3. Store in cute glass jars (optional) and in a cool, dry place.


As your stock of chili goes down, continue to add to it and it will last for years (and years and years).

Stop buying store bought chili oil! Try this easy DIY version for a better, full bodied (and CHEAPER) oil!

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